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Orchid strains developed in the National Orchid Garden, Singapore


Just hanging around


My best photos have always come as a result of dumb luck. For this particular one, i was taking macro pictures of droplets on flowers, turn around and there is this perfectly posed, beautiful butterfly just hanging around on a stalk in direct sunlight. Normally they would be skittish but for some reason this one stuck about like a supermodel and did not fly away despite my clumsy flailing about with camera and monopod. And there she is, the moment preserved.


Let’s do the twist



Massive Red


I don’t know why, but I find raindrops on plants endlessly fascinating. Some parts of plants like leaves and flowers are just incredibly weird, strange and beautiful, and become even more so when you realize that they are that way for a reason. More often than not that reason is partly or entirely to better hold, retain or absorb moisture and rain water. Its amazing the systems the plants have developed over millions of years of evolution. All part of Nature’s design.




Spiral staircase, Japanese Pagoda, Jurong Lake


Golden City


Taken last Saturday. Day began before dawn with a bus ride to the famous Marina Bay with tripod and camera in tow. Upon arrival there were already a large group of predawn tourists and camera enthusiasts with the same idea. Took my predawn shots opposite Marina Bay Sands and was walking up along the Helix Bridge when the sun happened to be rising at just the right angle to cast a golden reflection off every building in the bay and also off the water in the harbor. It only lasted for a couple of minutes but I was lucky to be there.


My new passion


Macro photography. I recently bought a Macro lens for my long underutilized Canon 550D DSLR. I had previously thought of it as a white elephant that sat around in the house and was grudgingly bought along on trips only to be returned to its drawer unused and unopened. It was often far easier to use the iPhone or our other point&shoot camera.

That all changed when I joined Instagram. Inspired by others’ great pictures which I couldnt get, I decided to invest in a cheap, used lens to try out my hand at getting those amazing, super zoomed, larger than life pictures. It quickly became an obsession, with me heading out at the crack of dawn almost everyday to go on shoots. Will be posting some of the results as the days go by.


Less is more.


National Orchid Garden, Singapore


I’ve been out of circulation for awhile. New job, new apartment, new lifestyle and new hobby – photography. Yeah yeah I should’ve been sharing it here but it became easier to do it via Instagram. Now i feel its time to continue my blog which had been so rudely cut off… Here are some shots that I’ve taken in the intervening months.





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