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just makes it all worth it

Came home to find this waiting atop my iPad. Such a sweet angel



Daily Prompt: Success!

I'm part of Post A Day 2012

What is a life well lived?

Having loved with all your heart, and lost.
Having been loved in return.
Having had a living creature totally dependent on you for its life and happiness, and you not letting him/her/it down.
Having friends you would go to war for, and who would do the same for you.
Having felt your heart beat as if it was going to pound out of your chest.
Having felt so tired that every cell in your body wanted to stop. And then you went on.
Having been at a loss of words to describe a beautiful view of nature.
Having been at a loss of words to describe a beautiful living creature.
Having been told, “You inspired me to…”
Having seen what the world has to offer, within your means.
Passing or communicating any or all of the above feelings to other people.


on earth as it is in heaven

best seat in the house

the kelong

why would anyone want to be anywhere else

one of my all time favorite shots taken almost exactly a year ago at the southernmost tip of Galang, Barelang, Indonesia. Cycled around 80km from the ferry port, slept overnight at a ‘kelong’ (traditional offshore wooden fishing platform) and woke up to a glorious sunrise

it makes the world go round

ion orchard, 10pm