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my favorite place

Singapore Botanic Gardens – main gate

A welcome break from the urban jungle

Lose yourself to find yourself

There’s something strange about those three…

The Ginger Gardens waterfall makes welcome music

A rainbow of orchids


Everyone has a place they go to to recharge their weary soul.  What’s yours?


on the shoulders of giants

“To be happy, rest like a giant tree in the midst of them all”
― Siddhārtha Gautama

There are plenty of trees in the Singapore Botanic Gardens but this majestic Kapok tree is my favorite. Located right in the middle of my running path and standing at over 43m tall, it towers over its area giving shade to all the runners and park goers beneath it.

secret garden

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

20121110-161924.jpgOn a run to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, 8:30 am. I love running there whenever I can.


explore, exchange, entertain


Marina Bay Financial Center – my project location for the last year.

I took a midday jaunt around Marina Bay which is one of Singapore’s iconic masterplanned developments.  The area is the center of a series of hotel, office, commercial and entertainment developments, anchored by the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort and Casino and the recently opened Gardens by the Bay (a new 101-hectare park).  The buildings and landmarks surrounding Marina Bay itself are among Singapore’s most famous; it includes the Esplanade, DNA Bridge, Fullerton Hotel, Marina Bay Sands, the Merlion statue among others.  This 3km loop circumnavigating the bay is a very popular route for runners and tourists alike.  I usually like to run it at dawn but even during midday there will usually be some hardcore runners going around, rain or shine. Explore, Exchange, Entertain is the URA Master Plan premise for the Marina Bay development.


Customs House – one of my favorite buildings in the area – its a bit low key but I like the way they conserved the original pier foundations and incorporated it in the new building, it gives everything a sense of place.


‘Momentum’ by David Gerstein. According to a government website, the 18 meter high ‘Christmas tree’ is actually supposed to represent ‘the population’s high energy and a continuous cycle of progress’. To me the sculpture is a satire on the rat race… but maybe that’s just me.


The Fullerton Bay Hotel – not to be confused with the much larger Fullerton Hotel – is my favorite boutique hotel in Asia. Beautifully done interiors plus ‘small’ hotel ambiance, down to the fragrance inside the lobby, makes for a great experience. On runs around the Bay I often stop here to use the lobby toilet… adds a bit of glamour to a messy, sweaty experience. 🙂


View facing Northwest from the Promontory @ Marina Bay


‘Street umbrellas’ with solar-powered fans to cool walkers. Would have been more useful if they had integrated benches underneath…


The Marina Bay Sands IR comprising of the hotel (the three towers connected by the ‘boat’); the mall (low long structure in front); the casino (between the hotel and mall); the Art Science Center (the flower-like structure on the left); and a couple of floating structures housing a Louis Vuitton boutique and a restaurant.